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BKVR Equipment Rental

The BKVR supports running and racing on the roads and trails of this beautiful region. We organize group runs and races and help support other organizations that sponsor running events. The BKVR owns a digital clock that is available to Race Directors of BKVR sponsored events as well as non-BKVR events.  The policy for the use of the clock is as follows:


  • There is no fee for the use of the clock by BKVR members.


  • There is a flat fee of $50.00 for the rental of the clock for non-BKVR events, payable in advance to BKVR..


  • The clock must be accompanied by a BKVR member when rented for a non-BKVR event.


  • The BKVR does NOT provide race timing services.  The rental of the clock does not include timing services.



For additional information about the use of the clock you may contact the BKVR President by emailing your request to the BKVR President.

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