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February 2016

Congratulations to new Club President, Dara Bentley and Vice-President, Ruth Jones.

And a big thank you to Jim Sullivan who has held us all together for the few years!  


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January 2016 (from Past Club President, Jack Quinn)


We are all aware of the power of “word of mouth” advertising. It’s the best, and also the slowest recognition one can receive.   I just received a testimonial in today’s mail to the quality of the races that the Batten Kill Valley Runners organize. It came from far beyond our beautiful corner of southwestern Vermont and is a book entitled, ”Run Faster, from the 5K to the marathon”. It was sent to me by the author, Brad Hudson, who is the founder and coach of  the Performance Training Group in Eugene, Oregon. A note written on the flyleaf says, “To the Batten Kill Runners: Wishing you well and please enjoy this great sport!”  Hudson, a former Olympic trials marathoner and current coach to Olympians, wrote this training manual is 2008. I don’t know him but obviously either he or some of the athletes he trains were here at some point in the past.  We have been putting on good races using challenging courses for twenty years and I hope that we continue to do so into the future.  Several years ago, a runner in a winter relay race on Arlington’s River Road, said it best in describing our area, “It’s like running in a Currier and Ives Christmas card.”

  Here’s the deal. I get to read the book first but then would be willing to lend it to any club member wishing to read about switching to a better training system.


Cheers,  Jack



September 2014

It’s been a great summer of running in the Batten Kill Valley and beyond.  Thanks to everyone who worked to organize some great events: The Maple Leaf Half Marathon, UCS Go the Distance 5K, Manchester’s Four on the Fourth, Moonlight in Vermont, Southern Vermont Sprint Triathlon, the Maple Leaf Half Marathon, and the Komen Race for the Cure.  And thank you to everyone who came out and took part in those events – to have a great time and to raise money for some important causes.


We’re now running into my favorite time of the year. I love the cool crisp fall days and the views on the trails get better every day as the colorful leaves begin to fall.  Take a look at the schedule of fall races and group runs on and begin planning your calendar.  After this weekend’s Batten Kill Duck Run, the Wandering Witches Trail Race in Greenwich is just around the corner in mid-October and it’s easy to remember the 17th Annual Running of the Turkeys on Thanksgiving morning.


Be sure to go to BKVR’s Facebook page, too.  Like us and make use of that resource to stay connected with fellow BKVR members and runners!


April 2014

Spring! It seemed to take an unusually long time to arrive this year, but I am staring out the window at a warm sunny spring day. Even though I pretty much wore out my legs running the Salem 10K yesterday (and limping around the 5K after - two races for the price of one, still the best deal around), I can’t wait to put on my running shoes and head out for a trail run with my faithful running partners, Zaphod and Jackson. Looking at my shoes, it seems that another spring running ritual - getting a new pair of shoes - is in order as well! Looking forward to seeing you on the roads (or trails)!



February 2014

I had to plow the driveway this morning which means that I'll have to trade my trail running shoes for cross country skis for a while. Some of you, I know, will be rejoicing at the opportunity to strap on snowshoes and continue to run on the trails, but I've never gotten the hang of that sport - just makes running a lot more difficult for me!


There's plenty of athletic inspiration coming up with the Olympics in Sochi and the national snowshoe championships in Woodford this month! Watching all of those fit athletes competing can only be good motivation. Speaking of motivation, a rather dismal (but not unexpected) performance at my first road race in several years last weekend (the Polar Cap 4-Mile in Lake George) got me to go out and actually do some harder training runs this week. Despite my 82nd place finish, I had a great time at the race and look forward to continuing to make the rounds at some of my old favorites this year.


Next up probably will be the Shamrock Shuffle in Glens Falls at the end of March - that should give me time to get in some good training. And BKVR's first race of the year, the Bennington Road Race, isn't too far behind at the beginning of May. I hope to see more of our club members at the races as it's always fun to see familiar faces (and in my case, backs as you all run away from me) on race day!