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Notes from our last Club Meeting

BKVR General Membership Meeting, 02/15/2023 – 6:00 – 7:30 pm


Present: Ruth Jones, Anita Gabalski, Judy Raffone, Suzy Nealon, Jennifer Sharp, Kathy Zemianek, Gail Wood, Darlene Barry, Elisa Donato, Mark Clark, Rikki Furman, Alisa DiBlasi, Matt Vernon


  1. Review of Minutes BOD meeting 01/11/2023 – approved.

  2. By-Laws – reviewed and updated (see attached), approved as revised.

  3. Membership and renewals – Suzy did outreach to all members on membership list, mostly by email but those without email addresses or valid email addresses were sent a renewal by mail.  Very positive response.  Suzy will also have a table at the ADK Sports Expo on 3/18 – 3/19/23 with information about our club available.

  4. Treasurer report – Anita reported recent allocations for scholarship awards with 3 still outstanding.  2 have not responded with transcripts, one did not begin college until the second semester (January 2023).  Annual fee to Arlington Community house ($400), RRCA membership/insurance renewal ($672.60) and office supplies ($64.17) were paid.  Current balance is $7804.58.

  5. Pay pal update – Judy reported that to get on-line renewal working for PayPal, the website had to have an upgraded status.  A 3-year premium business was done which effectively kept the average monthly fee the same.  Members have been able to renew on-line since mid-January but just this week has the money flowed into our bank account due to PayPal rules.  There is a fee for on-line renewal but we still receive more money/member than our previous rates.  The “old” PayPal account was never connected to the bank account.  It is associated with a different e-mail.  Judy is hopeful that it can still be temporarily activated so that money “paid” can eventually become available to us. She will continue to work on it.

  6. Race Director checklist – distributed for review.  Members raised concerns about some races under the BKVR auspices have a paid race director.  There is some discomfort around this as a volunteer organization as well as RRCA rules.  Since one of the persons involved is not at this meeting, the officers/BOD will arrange a separate meeting to discuss and bring back to the membership.

  7. BKVR races

  • Running of the Turkeys (ROTT) – Judy Raffone will be Race Director for 2023.  Co-race director would be desirable as “race director in training” role. It is our major fund raiser.

  • Maple Leaf – 09/09/23 – Race director is Amy Herrmann – tabled.

  • West River Trail Run – 03/03/23 – Race director is Amy Herrmann – tabled.

  • Moonlight in Vermont 4-mile Road Ramble – 07/15/23, 8 pm – organizer Suzy Nealon – free, no amenities.

  • Zem-Benn Road Race, 43rd – 05/07/23 – Race director TBD – Kathy Zemianek representing the group desiring a return.  Park McCullough has been reserved (no cost but donation is usually given).  Race also supports Coach Steve Zemianek MAU senior runner scholarship fund.  Kathy is looking for club volunteers, help with corporate sponsors, etc.  Suzy will reach out to Bob Underwood to see if he can time.  Judy will reach out to SVMC though Matt Vernon notes SVMC has much more financial restraints for sponsoring than compared to the past.

  • 4 on the Fourth – 07/04/23 – typically was in Manchester.  Race director needed or else it will be on hiatus again this year.

  • Shires Marathon – Matt and Elisa are interested in rejuvenating the race.  Brief history of the race given which ran for 7 years but was folded due to lack of race director and ever dwindling volunteer support.  It was noted that this race was a major fund raiser for the club and supported other community organizations. However, it does require intense effort and infrastructure as well as extended lead time in planning due to runners choosing the races they will do 6 – 12 months in advance.  Judy will send notes she has to Matt and Elisa as well as reach out to Dave Durfee who was the first race director.

  • Wandering Witches Trail Run – October – race director needed.

  • Group fun runs – Alisa has taken on our Facebook page as well as has access to our web page with the Calendar.  Efforts will be made to promote local races and runs on both pages.  In addition, if any member is planning a run on a specific route, they should reach out to Alisa for a group fun.

8. Scholarship – Jenn, Suzy, Anita and Judy will again spearhead the scholarship.  Information will go out to guidance offices by end of this month.  Deadline for applications will be April 30.  We discussed and agreed that we will keep the requirement that awards are not given until first semester transcripts are received.  It was also discussed and agreed that students must complete at least 1 semester within one year of the accepting the scholarship or else the scholarship is void.

9. Nominations/elections for officers/Board of Directors – unanimous approval for:

    President – Judy Raffone

    Vice President – Matt Vernon

    Secretary – Ruth Jones

    Treasurer – Anita Gabalski

    Communications coordinator – Alisa DiBlasi-

    Board of Directors – Alisa DiBlasi, Suzy Nealon, Jenn Sharp, Elisa Donato, Gail Wood.


NEXT MEETING:  April 5, 2023, Wednesday at Arlington Community House.


Submitted by Judy Raffone.

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