Notes from our last Club Meeting

Februay 2014


We had a great meeting last week at Arlington's West Mountain Inn, a very comfortable place for a gathering. The schedule of club races was reviewed, RRCA guidelines clarified, and we had a good conversation with Kevin Quinn about the Bennington Road Race. We also decided to meet every other month (next on March 31) and hold group runs every other week on Saturday mornings (see schedule at left). After clarifying issues associated with the company that provided timing services for last November's Running of the Turkeys, we discussed the status and condition of club equipment and storage. It was agreed that we will try to find a dryer and more accessible place to keep things and to determine the life-expectancy of our digital display clock. Good communication is key for the BKVR to be successful and Kim Murphy has been doing a great job getting us back on track in that area. She and Anita Gabalski are organizing our membership list and maintaining a mailing list while also developing a new streamlined Batten Kill Valley Runners website. We'll let everyone know when that goes live, and in the meantime stay connected on our Facebook page! Everyone also is welcome to send news, commentary, and any other fun stuff to me ( to include in these semi-regular e-newsletters.

Join us for our next meeting!

March 31 at 6:30 p.m.

West Mountain Inn in Arlington