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Notes from our last Club Meeting

BKVR General Membership Meeting, 07/11/2023 – 6:30 – 7:10 pm


Present: Ruth Jones, Judy Raffone, Suzy Nealon, Jennifer Sharp, Gail Wood, Darlene Barry, Elisa Donato, Matt Vernon


  1. Review of Minutes BOD meeting 04/10/2023 – approved.

  2. Membership and renewals – Suzy has been doing awesome outreach to gain new members as well as update members about upcoming events.  She sends a welcome e-mail to all renewals. There are 29 active members.

  3. Treasurer report – Anita not available.

  4.  Scholarship awardees:

       Teagan Wright - $1000 – Greenwich

       Teagan Currier - $500 – MAU

       Sarah Tilley - $500 – Arlington

       Kate Waugh - $500 – Hoosick Falls

  5.  Moonlight in Vermont – 7/15/23, start time 8 pm at Covered Bridge on River               Road in Arlington.  Waiver approved with changes to add lines.  Refreshments,         scones, and tables are available.  Judy, Matt, and Elisa will be at staging area   


 6.  Race Director checklist – Judy has a template that will be sent out to BOD as            well as any race directors for upcoming races.  A race director certificate nor a            contract (since Amy was to be a paid director) was ever returned to us for the            West River Run (6/4/23) or the Maple Leaf (9/9/23), therefore they are not                  considered sponsored races.  West River Run rented the clock (run by Ruth) so        $50 is due to the club.  

 7.  BKVR races

  • Running of the Turkeys (ROTT) – Various ideas for bling, prizes, potential raffle was discussed.  Underwood Timing is still on the docket to time.  Plan will be to start announcing winners as soon as the majority finishes so that we can start announcements sooner. Judy will research potential bling as well as forward to club members the current “inventory” of bling in storage.

  • Maple Leaf – 09/09/23 – no longer considered our race (see #4).

  • West River Trail Run – 03/03/23 – Race director is Amy Herrmann – see #4

  • Moonlight in Vermont 4-mile Road Ramble – 07/15/23, 8 pm – organizer Suzy Nealon – free, no amenities.

  • Zem-Benn Road Race, 43rd – 05/07/23 – $4159 profit, with club receiving $2000 and Zem scholarship fund, $2159.  Next year, this will be led by BKVR though a share of the proceeds will still go to the scholarship fund.  All race materials are stored in labeled bins at the community house.

  • 4 on the Fourth –on hiatus. Race director needed for next year.  There are still lots of t-shirts that could be used.

  • Shires Marathon – tabled

  • Wandering Witches Trail Run – October – race director needed.

  • Group fun runs – Alisa and Suzy have been updating on Face book our runs (BAT trail exploration on June 17, Thirsty Thursdays in Greenwich) as well as other local area runs.

8.  Club picnic – despite the weather, held June 14.  Lots of fun.  The cost to club           was $50 for pavilion rental (paid to Lions Club) and $52.02 for food.  Discussion         about a winter dinner revival which members present thought would be fun.


NEXT MEETINGSeptember 6, Wednesday, 6:30 pm in person at Arlington Community House.


Submitted by Judy Raffone.

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