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Notes from our last Club Meeting

BKVR Brief Meeting with dinner, 01/20/24 – 5:45 pm – 7:45 pm


Present: Ruth Jones, Judy Raffone, Jennifer Sharp, Gail Wood, Elisa Donato, Matt Vernon, Mark Kelsey, Anita Gabalski, Mark Clark, Robert Raffone, Tom Craigs.


  1. Review of Minutes BOD meeting 12/06/2023 – approved.

  2. Membership and renewals – tabled

  3. Treasurer report – tabled – will send by e-mail

  4. Certificate of Deposit – $5000 in a CD has been done.  

  5. QuickBooks:  accounting reports for 2023 are available and will be sent by email for review and further discussion at next meeting.

  6. Becky and Len Kolter remembrance – tabled

  7. ACH storage – no further information.

  8. 501(c)(3) status: We apparently have always been covered by RRCA.  Anita will send 990 postcard to keep us current with IRS.

  9. Annual dinner –

   10. Election of officers, board members for 2024 – nominations due at the next meeting, need a new membership leader or Secretary to take on those duties -  

             Maintain Google doc excel spreadsheet membership.

             Send out notices for renewal in December, with monthly follow ups for those not paid

             Coordinate with treasurer/president when members renew on line, update active list

             Send out notices for meetings, races, fun runs, other activities.

    11.  BKVR races

  1. Running of the Turkeys (ROTT) –looking for a co-director to work with Judy.  We received a thank you note from Donna LaCoste, Fisher Elementary principal for the $500 donation which will be used to upgrade playground activities.

  2. Zem-Benn Road Race – We will be spear heading the race organization.  Zemianek’s will do the race timing with the app. The theme is Cinco De Mayo (since it will be May 5th).  Gail, will approach Park McCullough but had questions about Park McCullough fee.  BKVR website is updated with the race link for on-line registration. Will discuss to do list at next meeting.

  3. 4 on the Fourth –on hiatus. Race director needed for next year.  tabled

  4. Wandering Witches Trail Run – October – race director needed – tabled for this meeting.


NEXT MEETING:  February 7, 2024, 6:30 pm in person at Arlington Community House (tentative), potential for ZOOM instead.


Submitted by Judy Raffone.

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