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Notes from our last Club Meeting

BKVR Meeting via ZOOM 4/16/2024 – 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Present: Judy Raffone, Ruth Jones, Anita Gabalski, Jen Sharp, Suzy Nealon, Tim Van Orden, Mike Zemianek, Kathy Zemianek, Alisa DiBlasi, Gail Wood, Aimee Smith



  1. Review of Minutes 3/12/24 – approved.

  2. Membership status – update: Two new renewals; five waiting to renew.

  3. Treasurer Report – no update.

  4. Race Updates:

    1. ZemBenn – 5/5/24 Cinco de Mayo theme.

      1. 36 registrations (2 children) to date; in with this time last year

      2. Judy will check with Grace at Head Start re use of electrical power.

      3. Judy will check with the Town to make sure all is covered.

      4. Publicity: information about the race has been posted in several different publications. Consider contacting Chris Wright re photos and CAT-TV

      5. Judy and Rob will set up the course and check for potholes.

      6. Cross Country Runners: nothing definite yet. Kathy will check with Pat re their availability.

      7. Five additional volunteers are needed for registration. Membership table will be next to Registration. Jen is unable to be at the race.

      8. Raffles: items still being determined. People will pick out their own gift.

      9. Age groups: 10-year groups until 60, then 5 years

      10. PMH: everything is set with the needed resources from them on race day. They will also donate passes and memberships for the raffle.

      11. Judy will send final version of flyer to Mike.

      12. Payment: a link will be created on website to allow for payment after registration closes. This will negate the need to use Judy’s Venmo account.

      13. The group approved BATS request to have a table at the race.

      14. Judy will update To Do list.

    2. ROTT: still need to determine 2024 race director(s)

    3. 4 on the 4th: still considering a fun run on River Road

  5. ACH Storage: nothing new.

  6. June 1st Battenkill Valley Pride Run: Aimee Smith, one of the run organizers, met with the group to get more information about setting up the event. Requested to use time clock and insurance coverage information. Suzy and Judy have both provided lists of items to consider.

  7. Scholarship applications: only one received to date. May be two more.

  8. Moonlight Runs: will resume in May.

  9. Timing Subscription needs to be renewed at a cost of $50 yearly. Tim will make the payment.


NEXT MEETING: No date set yet, but it will be in June. Options are an in- person meeting at ACH or meeting/picnic under the pavilion at the park. Judy will check with the Lions.

Respectfully submitted,

Gail Wood

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