Notes from our last Club Meeting

BKVR meeting 08/30/22, 6:30p.m.-7:15p.m. via Zoom


Attending:  Ruth Jones, Jen Sharp, Sue Nealon, Judy Raffone


Agenda Items

  • Judy updated entry form, with new pricing- the committee agreed on updated pricing

  • Sue will confirm Underdog Racing with Bob Underwood for timing. She’ll also get an updated registration link and forward to Judy to add to the ROTT application.

  • Judy will confirm use of venue once the school is up and running for the fall.

  • We will use the buffs as our “turkey ware.”

  • Will use pies for overall top 3 awards (for a total of 6) will let age group winners choose from a selection of vintage turkey ware. Will check with Price shopper and Shop and Save for donations. Possibly solicit Stewarts for donuts and drinks?

  • Dara will be helping, but could not attend the meeting tonight. 

  • Jen will mail race apps and membership apps to Scholarship award winners.

  • Mark your calendars!!! 9/16/22 5:30 pm. Organizing at the community house- 


  • Submitted by J. Sharp, 8/30/22

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